How to ‘Easter’ without chocolate


Last year, because Bean is off Dairy and Gluten (Celiac is highly suspected in Bean’s case >post on that to come< and, incidentally is often co-morbid with Autism), we had a challenge, but we overcame it. I made my own Easter chocolate treats (dairy free) and my mother-in-law (who always throws THE best Easter egg hunt ever) went out and bought CF/GF treats.

> I’m going to take this moment to interject briefly that if any of my loyal readers still believe in the Easter Bunny…I’m sorry, he isn’t real.

Anyway, we did it! And it was fun and safe and – ok, not terribly easy or cheap – but a success none the less!

This year we have the added bonus of T1D on our plate. I am not asking my mother-in-law to change her Easter ritual. I figure that we can just take the chocolate the kidlets collect and ration them out for a while (till the hub and I have secretly and mysteriously finished them off).

As for our house – this Easter bunny decided no chocolate was the only option. So now I had to get creative and here is what I came up with:

Go cheap.

> No chocolate does not mean that you owe your kids something extravagant in exchange. I mean cheap like dollar store cheap. Dollar store plastic (fillable) eggs, bags/baskets, and basket filler.

Fill plastic eggs with anything but chocolate.


> I happen to know of a store that sells GoGo Crazy Bones figures for a dollar a pack (3 to a pack) because apparently GoGo’s are being discontinued (who knew!?). So I bought about 18 packs to fill the eggs with.


> Another cool idea that my sister suggested was to fill each egg with a quarter! Brilliant – I may do this next year.

> If you want to do one stop shopping at the dollar store then grab some of those really cool erasers and/or stickers, or mini cars (if they have any and will fit in the eggs you bought – does anybody remember Micro Machines?),

20130331-010748.jpgor plastic frogs/any insect toy. Really anything that fits the eggs that would suit your child’s fancy and is available at the old D-store.


However if you can’t find any good options at the dollar store for egg fillers there is always Walmart for toy “pods”… or whatever they are called. These little guys are a perfect egg filler size, there are all sorts of cool ones, but we tend to favour the ‘Star Wars‘ and ‘Littlest Pet Shop‘ ones in this house.



In replacement off the BIG chocolate (you know the one…the giant chocolate chicken or bunny that you always get at the end) we opted for a movie each.


If you can’t resist getting them a tasty treat, my solution was that I decided to substitute chocolate with Pez (or the d-store alternative Klik’s”). Though a row *is* 4.5 carbs, the ingredients are otherwise relatively all allergen safe.


In any case I’m positive that this Easter, even sans chocolate, will prove to be a tremendous event!

And if all else fails, there is always Sorbet. Really good Sorbet.

*This episode of totally boring and utterly unemotional posts has been brought to you in part by ‘mostly posting about it to remember it for next year’ and our sponsors: “Good Tips To Know”*


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