Autistic People Should

An interesting blog phenomenon is sweeping the autism community, started by this flash-blog, it has been erupting from the recent discovery that if a person puts the words “Autistic people should” into a popular search engine, such as Google, the first few auto-complete responses to pop up were alarming, to say the least.


Here are just some of the blogs jumping in on this:


Unstrange Mind


Yes, That Too!

Musings Of An Aspie

Autism Spectrum Connection

Autism From A Father’s Point Of View

The response by the autism community has been huge, important and for all its efforts: properly noticed.

It is incredibly heartening and inspiring, and I’m proud to say that I am a part of this community. With that said, Pups took a different approach to this internet phenomena. Pups immediately walked over to the computer and put “white people should” into the search engine. You can guess what the auto-complete filled in. Or I’ll just tell you. It was pretty much the same thing as “Autistic people should”. We avoided “black people should” and “gay people should” but did move on to milder, possibly not negative options such as “girls should”, “women should”, “white men should” (be profiled apparently) and finally “boys should” and “men should”. The last two were the only ‘should’s’ that did not bring up anything obviously detrimental, disturbing or saddening. Surprised? No, I think not.

So what does this mean? Does this mean that the ‘Autistic people should’ flash-blog is all for naught? That it doesn’t really mean anything now that we know that almost every other ‘should’ brings up something just as shocking and/or horrible. Does it mean less now that we know it isn’t people just hating on autistics? It’s people just hating.


Or maybe this is a chance to start making more flash-blogs.

More internet choruses singing out against these haters, these bigots, these primitive neanderthals whose best weapon is internet bullying with hurtful and even scary and dangerous words that are entered so often that they come up as the first options from the auto-complete choices.

For the shoulds that we searched, here is what I wish I saw in the drop down box:

  • White men should be honest with themselves about what their status in the World is, and work to change the inequality.
  • Boys and men should have to attend courses on women’s rights and lack there of.
  • Women should not be under-estimated.
  • Girls should never go unnoticed.

and last, but certainly not least,

  • Autistic people should never, ever, allow themselves to be limited.


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4 responses to “Autistic People Should

  1. “Women should not be under-estimated.” should be a top search.

  2. Ah. So I suppose the problem lies with those with the least negative results?

  3. My guess is you are right, my hope is that these are young people – yet to mature – trolling, but not serious about these horrible things. That’s my hope.

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