So, um, apparently I just got a dog!

I fell hard for those chocolate brown’s.

The truth is though that I think know Bean needs this. I know it will do her some good, maybe even some great!

In fact, I think we all need this, maybe even me.

After all, it’s been 10 years of begging for a dog, 10 years of yearning for a dog! Ok well actually *only* 5 years for Bean and 2 for the Bear, but who’s keeping track?

So we got the puppy. Funny about that. I really thought that I would be able to just keeping moving forward through time with tiny half promises like “maybe in a year” or “we can’t while mean-cat is alive, she would be so devastated!”.

Apparently I cannot.

Much to my enjoyment I saw after only 3 days of adding little Charlz to our clan that we were already reaping the benefits of her presence. Pups and Bean are now fighting over whose turn it is to kiss or hold or feed or walk Charlie – instead of what noises the other one happens to be making while they eat – and that ain’t bad. In fact, even with those tiny spats, having Charlie near is making them kinder to one and other. They are so concerned about scaring her that they argue in tense but low voices like a married couple in the mall. You totally know what I’m talking about.

But it’s true. The changes are mostly positive. We can see a definite change in Pups who is deliriously happy. And even though she is very likely *the best* teenager on the planet (no really, she is) she’s still in those teenage angst kind of years, so having her truly happy means a lot.

Mr. Bear too is overwhelmed with joy. He, who is normally scary around animals, (do not confuse scary for “scared”, I really actually mean “scary” as in: he scares animals) is being quite the gentle and caring guy with Charlie (who he picked AND named!). Walking her, giving her treats, wanting to show her off and play with her.

T, who is still just a little guy himself right now, doesn’t really care about Charlie, but I think that will change. The nice thing about their relationship is that they are going to grow up together. He will never have a memory without her in it. Even if she isn’t present he will be able to record the time frame of the memory as part of the “Charlie years”.

Oh! The “Charlie years”! K, that’s kinda too sweet and adorable. *taking a minute to become a bit verklempt*.

Alright, done with the mushy bit. Now here is where it gets good. If I can think to remember to grab Charlie and put her in the Bean’s arms during, let’s just call it “a challenging moment”, then Bean immediately calms down and is able to communicate more clearly. She is even able to (mostly) listen to what I’m saying to her. How about that, eh?

Bean doesn’t shove the pup away because she’s mad, or refuse to hold the pup. Nope, she puts out her arms every time, and it works to calm her right away. Now it’s true, we’ve only had Charlie for three days…but let me retort with this: you have no friggin idea how many “challenging moments” we’ve all endured in the last 3 days with the Beaner! Getting Charlie was wonderful and smart, but it was still a change. For the person with AS – change is always tough, even if you have always wanted it. Yet, even with the issues we are dealing with these days, each and every time Bean holds Charlie there is an immediate positive reaction. A focus, a calm, a happy.

And I sure do like happy.




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2 responses to “Charlie

  1. This warms my heart! I’m so glad that the pupster is having this effect. xo

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